Our story starts with guest data analytics.

What happens when a Data Science Expert travels all over the world for business, trying to spice up his travel after getting bored from structured hotel environments. Our Founder, Dr. Murat Sonmez, started experiencing Short Term Rentals (STR) a few years back, and realized that the STR market is a community of strangers.

In this community, Dr. Sonmez discovered that there is a risk, trust and transparency problem inherent in the sector. In order to better understand a solution for the risk/trust problem, he actively participated as a Host, operating a unit. Many inconsistencies between declared data and what comes out as a reality during the stay occurred. This was the insight leading to the development of the most comprehensive, data analytics trust confidence solution available in the STR market...Trust-d.

Our Vision is to inspire a global "community of transparent trust" for today's sharing world.

Our Approach Bringing "Trust" To The Sharing Economy

Our innovative approach to the problem is to understand the consumer from multiple perspectives. Currently most consumer risk evaluation methods in the Sharing Economy only conduct consumer screening based on publicly available data. However, building a consumer trust metric takes much more than screening only public data.

We expand screening to include new trust attributes inherent in the consumer, such as community trust, professional trust, and financial trust. Additionally, we gather and secure primary consumer behavior from today's Sharing Economy.

Our patent pending Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solution provides a unique combination of all Static and Dynamic Trust attributes related to the consumer. We deliver a much better Trust Confidence Score for the Sharing Economy.