1. I currently screen my guests, why do I need trustd.ai?

"Guest Screening" is simply looking for bad guests among the criminals. However, "bad behaving" guests are not necessarily criminals. A normal person with no criminal records can very well be a "bad behaving" guest. Criminals databases are only small and negligible subset of hundreds of millions of guests traveling in USA alone. Therefore, guest screening is totally missing a very big portion of potentially "bad behaving" guests.

trustd.ai processes guest behavior, host reviews during a stay. It also performs traditional guest screening. By combining all static and dynamic information related to a specific guest, the result is the ultimate Guest Assurance solution in real-time.

2. I am running a Platform for Short Term Rentals. How easy is it to integrate with my platform?

It is a friction-free, straight forward integration. We do not touch booking process, cancellation process, payment process, or any other process running on your platform. We just get a copy of the booking data, process it, and deliver the result back to your platform in real time.

3. Do criminals travel with their own ID?

Some of our company founders come from cyber security and fraud backgrounds. Our experience indicates that criminals do not necessarily travel with their own ID, as they can be an Airbnb Guest with a fake Google account and phone number. Therefore, a criminal sleeping in your bed, may not be identifiable through traditional screening only.

4. OK, Guest Screening is NOT the answer, what is better?

Hosts, Property Managers, Individual Property Owners are protected by the trust-d solution. We provide traditional guest screening, PLUS we capture "guest behavior" during the stay. Therefore, we cover beyond criminal lists, and this is the only solution to bringing Guest Assurance to the rental market.

5. Do I need to worry about where I list my property, Airbnb or VRBO?

No worries at all. Our solution is platform and channel independent. We bring a multi-platform solution. You will be able to capture "bad behavior" guests from all platforms.

6. I have my direct booking site, and do not have a guest review system, will it work for me?

Yes, we designed our system keeping in mind that the entire market may be moving to direct booking. In fact, our solution has the most value for direct booking sites.

7. I am an individual property owner, listing my property on Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, etc., can I use your system?

Absolutely. We have a portal for individual users where you can log in and check and verify your guests in real time, before the stay.