Stop Bad Behaving Guests, Once And For All

Engineered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed to capture bad behavior of guests

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Introducing A New Guest Assurance System

trust-d introduces a disruptive way of identifying "bad behaving" guests by totally changing the mindset in the short-term rental market. By focusing on guest behavior, guest static and dynamic trust attributes, combined with screening results, we have developed an Artificial Intelligence based solution, delivering a trust metric for guests, delivered in real time.

Not Guest Screening, Guest Assurance

The existing rental market mindset focuses on background checks via guest screening. There are some fundamental limitations in this approach. Focusing only on the International criminal database is just the tip of an iceberg. A non-criminal guest may show bad-behaviors in a stay. Criminal database is a small fraction of hundreds of millions of guests staying in short-term rentals every year.

In order to stop "bad behaving" guests, we changed our focus to the behavior of guests. We still conduct guest screening. Our AI algorithm combines and evaluates all information into a single Guest Assurance Metric.

Works In All Channels, OTAs, And Direct Booking

Property managers can now be assured of their guests, independent of booking channels, as trust-d provides a mechanism for them to manage their guests directly. Guests can do a direct booking, or book via Airbnb, VRBO, any other OTAs. Regardless of the channel, property managers can use the trust-d Guest Assurance System in real time.