Trust-d minimizes risk

delivering a global, re-usable, cross-vertical Trust Confidence Score for the Sharing Economy.

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Introducing TYG

Trust-d believes existing solutions that verify guests using publicly available data, or acquiring data from third-party services, is not enough to assess risk and assure Guest Confidence. Why not Trust Your Guest?

Isn't guest verification enough?

Verification is the first and easiest step in risk assurance, however, it is not enough for today's participants in the global Sharing Economy. Name resolution problems and accuracy of public data are just two of many issues in verification. We believe a more robust, cross-vertical, actionable trust metric is inevitable. We enhance verification with Community Trust, Professional Trust, Financial Trust, and Sectoral Trust.

We incorporate a new dimension of data

With our patent-pending AI algorithm, we uniquely aggregate all static and dynamic trust metrics of a guest into a single Trust Confidence Score, which is actionable, secure, and private. This is true Trust Your Guest (TYG) confidence, and goes far beyond simple web verification. Our partners can integrate TYG into their systems and automate their processes.


Each guest has a professional life which contributes positively to the Guest Verification process. We incorporate a Professional Trust measure into our algorithm.


Each guest lives in a community which is an essential part of life. Community endorsement will contribute positively to our trust solution.


A credit score is nothing more than Financial Trust. Guests providing their credit score will receive points in their favor to enhance their trust measure.


Our system treats post-stay ratings as a key parameter towards building long-term trust confidence. We incorporate post-stay ratings into our algorithm.


Based on guest identifiers, we conduct a search throughout public data warehouses such as:

  • global watch lists
  • fraud databases
  • Interpol lists
  • sex offender lists
  • suspicious IPs
  • criminal lists
  • The results of this assessment are just one input into our AI-driven algorithm. We provide a short report to our partners, showing Trust Confidence Score as well as the result of public verification.